How to Save Money on Hair Extension Appointments

We all know how it goes… that drastic hair cut with the short, choppy layers just didn’t turn out the way it looked in your imagination. Or perhaps the blunt bob that suited your friend so well didn’t look quite the same on you. Whatever the reason, sometimes it just isn’t working out with a shorter hairstyle and we would do pretty much anything to get those long locks back.

It’s a common story here at New Image Hair Extensions in Manchester. We see all kinds of haircuts and styles, and we regularly do transformations on unsatisfactory haircuts. So it certainly can be done, and you do have an option if you really want luscious long hair… but there are some things you should know about short hairstyles.

We want hair extensions to be both affordable and accessible to anyone who feels they need them. So In this article we will give you some advice that could save you a fair bit of money on your hair extension appointment here in our Manchester salon:

Short hair equals more extensions

It isn’t always the case, but if you’ve got a blunt bob or a lot of layers in a short cut, we are going to have to work pretty hard to disguise the extensions we’re putting in. It means that we’ll have to attach a significantly higher number of extensions and possibly do a bit of cutting and styling so that the end result appears seamless.

Don’t get us wrong – we’re not trying to put you off getting hair extensions if you feel they are right for you. We simply want you to be aware that the shorter or blunter your haircut, the more hair extensions you we will need to put in in order to disguise the style. The goal is always to hide the fact that you’ve got extensions in, and to make those extensions look natural.

We will always make sure you leave looking like that hair is all yours, but it’s likely to cost a lot more, depending on the length and thickness you need, of course. It is hard for us to quote without seeing you first… this way we can determine how much hair you need, and help you to decide on the kind of hair you want. Russian Remy hair extensions will cost more than European hair extensions, for example. The final price may also depend on whether you take any other services, like cutting, dying or highlighting.

The best thing you can do to save money is…

Not cut your hair! It may seem counter-intuitive, but by allowing your natural hair to grow as long as possible, it helps us to blend the extensions much more easily. We will also need less of them in the first place, so obviously this will save you a sum of money. Your hair being a few inches longer could mean that we only need to put in a quarter head of extensions rather than a half head.

Another example (as demonstrated in the above photo) might be that your hair has reached below shoulder length but is relatively fine, and you want to thicken it up with hair extensions. It’s quite possible that we’ll only need to give you a half head of extensions… whereas if your hair was only just below the ears, you might need up to a full head.


What to do if your hair is already short

Well, you have a couple of options. Provided that your hair isn’t too short to attach hair extensions at all (e.g. a pixie cut), you can go for it anyway – with awareness that the cost will be higher. However, note that going from a short bob to 18″ extensions probably isn’t going to look that great – even if we can do that for you, at the very least it’s going to take a lot of extensions and a lot of time.

Shoulder length extensions will be less heavy and look more natural. This will work out cheaper for you, and as your hair grows, you can graduate to even longer (or a larger number of) hair extensions. Whatever your hair is currently like, we can offer you a free consultation to give you a good idea of what your hair extensions are going to cost.

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