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Welcome to our Hair Extensions Manchester blog. At New Image Hair Extensions Manchester, we like to think we know what we're talking about. As Manchester's first and longest running Extension Specialists, we like to provide in depth information on all aspects of hair extensions in order to help you make an informed decision when it comes to choosing your own. Browse through our hair extension blogs that are updated constantly to keep you current and informed. Manchester has many extensionists out there but few know hair extensions like we do. We have an excellent reputation and FIVE STAR reviews. Take a look at our Facebook Page and vast before and after portfolio and book your FREE consultation in our Greater Manchester salon today.

4 Signs It’s Time To Get Hair Extensions

Added By New Image Hair Extensions Manchester July 2018

The thing about hair is that it’s always changing and growing. Obviously we need it to grow, but when we’ve just had an awesome new haircut, that’s the last thing we want! Yet as our hair is constantly changing in length, sometimes colour and sometimes thickness, it’s pretty much impossible to maintain the exact same hairstyle throughout your life.

Having said that, why would we want to? Our hairstyles are just another way we can express ourselves, much like the clothes we wear; over time, what we want to express can change. The problem is that there are times when the changes we crave aren’t within the capabilities of our natural hair.

Fortunately, that’s where hair extensions come in handy! When you’re feeling unhappy with your own hair, it could be time to give hair extensions a try. If you can identify with any of the following points, hair extensions could be the answer:

1. You’re impatient for your own hair to grow

Everybody’s hair grows at slightly different rates. Every strand of hair is at a unique stage of development, and it grows in cycles. The general speed at which hair grows is about 1.25 centimetres or half an inch each month, which equates to around 15 centimetres/6 inches each year.

There are various factors that can prohibit hair growth, from the state of your health, to your hormones, your age, or just lack of maintenance. Whatever the reason, there are times in life when it can seem that your hair is growing painfully slowly. The good news is that you don’t need to wait anymore. You just need to give hair extensions a try.

2. You want to experiment with a new look

We humans really crave variety don’t we? For most of us, that’s true, and especially when it comes to our personal appearance. One day you might wake up, look in the mirror and think, “That’s so last season!”. If you’re in desperate need of a change, the simplest shortcut is hair extensions. They offer you a way to completely transform your look in just a couple of hours.

Sometimes people get hair extensions because they want to experiment with different hair colours through their hair, but they aren’t sure if it’s going to look right. Sometimes they’re concerned about hair damage from product overload. Hair extensions give you so much freedom to experiment with different looks without altering your own hair. Perhaps you want to try out an ombre or beautiful balayage style; either way, if you tire of the look, you can simply remove your extensions.

3. Your hair is too thin or fine

Many women suffer from loss or thinning of their hair as they get older. It can also happen due to over-processing, heat damage, hormones, medications and certain illnesses. When your hair starts thinning, it tends to damage your confidence; you really find out how much you take your hair for granted when it suddenly changes. Sometimes there just isn’t much that can be done about it…. apart from hair extensions, of course!

Other people just have naturally fine hair, and it may never have been any different. Hair extensions can add so much more body and thickness to your natural hair. It’s amazing how different a person can look with a bit of extra volume in their hair, so it’s no wonder that hair extensions have become so popular over the last few years. With some quality hair extensions, you can get both length and volume at the same time, creating the look you’ve been dreaming of.

4. You’re unhappy with your new haircut

Your hairdresser may have had the best intentions, but sometimes that just isn’t enough. Whether your request got lost in translation or your stylist was a little too scissor-happy for your liking, there’s nothing worse than walking out of the hairdressers with a lighter purse and a disaster hairstyle.

As hair extensionists, we can assure you that we see this all the time. You need not wait a year or two for your hair to grow back; you can have a few well-placed extensions put in to disguise the style… and nobody would know the difference. At New Image, it is our business to transform any kind of hairstyle into something our clients are happy with. We know how it feels to be disappointed with your hair, so we do everything in our power to turn the situation around for you.

Get in touch with us now to discuss your hair requirements and we’ll be happy to talk you through the process and put your mind at ease.




Nightmares in Hair Extensions: New Image to the Rescue

Added By New Image Hair Extensions Manchester June 2018


My name is Caroline, and I am someone that previously had no real idea about hair extensions and what they entailed. All I knew was that I didn’t really like my hair much – it’s fine and won’t grow past my shoulders without splitting – so I wanted to do something about that.

I was always envious of girls with long, flowing locks, so when I finally found a way to make that happen, I jumped at the chance. While I was staying in Thailand, a friend of mine got hair extensions fitted and it looked like a total transformation. I didn’t ask too many questions (mistake number 1), I just went and found someone that could do it, and came out with long, thick hair. Great! I thought. That was mistake number 2.

Things quickly started to fall apart

After one shower and blow dry, I had already lost three extensions. I assumed my hair was too fine and soft to hold them – mistake number 3. A picture is probably starting to form here: it’s so easy to find people who will put hair extensions in for you, but if they don’t know what they’re doing and you don’t know what to look for, things are going to go badly wrong. I didn’t know just how badly, at that point.

To cut a long story short, I had an attempted repair job in India after having lost 16 of my Thai extensions. The Indian job was a joke too. Frustrated, I flew back to England and hunted down a UK extensionist, assuming it would be better here. That was mistake number 4.

She did a refit on my hair, loosening and then pushing the rings upward and re-fixing them. The whole process hurt, and after I left, I found she’d missed several out so my hair was different lengths. I couldn’t even rest my head on the pillow to sleep for two weeks!

My hair went from bad to worse

As I couldn’t see the back of my head, I was unaware of just what a mess it was. My hair soon became matted and tangled and I was tearing it out with each brush stroke. I’m cringing, in hindsight. Anyway, that’s when a friend of mine saw it and balked. She said, “Get down to New Image now and sort it.” So that’s what I did.

I contacted New Image and they were thorough from the start. They asked me to send pictures of my hair and went through them, explaining what was done wrong and confirming my fears that my hair was a disaster zone. I booked an appointment and went down.

On the day, they went through my hair with a fine-toothed comb, so to speak. Steve explained to me that they had put my extensions in with no real strategy, with no clear lines, and taken too much hair from the wrong angles. They had also bunched the extensions together in irregular amounts; some were too thick, some too thin. My hair was being pulled out by the heavy ones, and after one wash the extensions were looking separated from my own hair.

As always, quality is everything

Steve also explained to me that the low-quality micro rings they’d used had no silicon inside, so the metal was literally shearing my hair. I was left with broken, wispy hair sticking out at all angles. They had also doubled up on rings, which baffled the team and had only caused more damage to my hair. What an absolute mess!

Chloe and Alex set about carefully removing the extensions. Steve took them and started to clean them up, throwing out unusable ones and mixing in New Image’s hair to even out the tone and thicken up the extensions. He then made them into new extensions to be refitted. Before refitting them, he explained to me that because of my fine hair, they should be attached in a different way (from ear to ear), avoiding the sides where my hair was finest. This way the rings wouldn’t be visible, as they had previously been.

After I understood the method and process, my hair was washed and dried, and extensionist Sam started the application. It took around an hour and a half, during which time she carefully layered the extensions in precise rows. Throughout the process, Sam and Steve talked me through what they were doing and why, and showed me the work at several stages. The difference in quality was unreal!

The results were nothing short of miraculous

Once the extensions were all in place, Sam went through and trimmed the ends into shape to create a perfect finish. When I saw what she and Steve had done, I was amazed. It was a 100% improvement on what I had; I could run my fingers through my hair and brush it without ripping my hair out. When I went to tie it up, there was no pain and no micro rings were visible.

Steve gave me full, thorough aftercare instructions so that I would know how to look after my hair and make the best of it. He also told me about New Image’s aftercare service, meaning that I could go back anytime within three months for any corrections if needed.

My hair looked completely natural and felt lovely, and on my first night in bed, there were zero issues sleeping on it. Originally, I had been shocked when I saw the state of my own hair beneath the previous extensions. However, the New Image team gave me confidence that it would be able to grow naturally again with their extensions in it.

They really went the extra mile to make sure that I was fully happy with it… which of course I was. These guys are true professionals. They took the mess that I brought to them and systematically corrected it with amazing results. I have to say that after my experience with New Image, there is no way I would go anywhere else. It’s just not worth it, as the alternative means going back and paying for endless corrections, and damaging my precious hair. Surely only a fool would do that?!


Most Commonly Asked Questions About Hair Extensions

Added By New Image Hair Extensions Manchester October 2017

How many extensions will I need? 

This depends on your own natural hair but our most popular amount is a quarter head costing around £190. If your hair is thicker than average and a blunt cut you would probably need more. If your hair is good at the back but lacks length at the front, it may benefit from just a few extensions placed around your sides to thicken it up. This can all be discussed at your consultation.

How long will they last?

Most of our ladies will get 3/4 months depending on how well they have looked after the hair. Some ladies have reported 6 months or more. We advise you at the time on the best products/brushes to use to get longevity out of your new hair. If you want to reuse the hair and it’s still in good condition you can come for a refit. For more information on tools and aftercare advice please refer to our blog page.

Can I colour my new hair extensions?

We can colour your hair on the same day in most cases before you have your extensions fitted. If you want to change the colour after then we strongly advise you call us first as your new hair can take differently to your own. Hi-lights, low-lights and root retouch can all still be carried out whist you’re wearing your hair extensions; we just miss out the extension bond/ring.

Can I go swimming with my hair extensions?

Yes, but with any hair extensions we advise to tie your hair up, if you do get it wet rinse the hair as soon as possible after.

Can I tie my hair up and won’t it show?

No, we cleverly place the extensions so you can tie your hair up for work etc. We do advise not to tie it up too tightly though as this can put unnecessary strain on it.

Will people know I’ve got hair extensions in?

No-one should know your wearing extensions. We insist on making our extensions look as natural as possible.

Will I lose any and what should I do?

You will naturally shed your own hair whilst wearing extensions, this in turn can loosen a couple of your extensions, if this should happen we would replace them completely free of charge under your 3 month guarantee.

Does it hurt to sleep in?

No, extensions are completely pain free, very occasionally some ladies experience a little tenderness for the first night or so but this is perfectly normal. More information on our  “Prepare Your Hair For Bed”

Do they shed a lot?

No, years ago extensions did shed quite a bit but with the new micro ring technique this is a thing of the past. Fusion bonds can shed unless they are looked after properly by drying the bonds completely after washing your hair.

Will they damage my hair?

No, the micro-ring technique is the best way to ensure no damage to your own natural hair. This is because they don’t pull on your hair like a weft or tape hair extensions.

If your question wasn’t here then please call us directly at the salon. 0161 795 1718

Hair Extensions Manchester

Added By New Image Hair Extensions Manchester September 2017

When Sophie Reade arrived at New Image Manchester needing her hair extensions redoing we we’re delighted. We do love rescuing people’s hair and making them look utterly fabulous. The way we do hair extensions at New Image is very different, we use cleverly placed undetectable micro-rings and insist that they always look natural. As you can see it is a process well worth undertaking!

From a few discreet hair extensions placed around your sides to a full head of 22 inch stunning REMY hair extensions. We can accommodate all your hair aspirations! At New Image we see each and every one of our clients as an individual. We go through a thorough private consultation before selecting the best method and amount of hair to transform your locks into something special. We guarantee all our TAILOR-MADE hair extensions for 3 months as is the FLAWLESS colour match. We are Manchester’s first and longest running hair extension specialist salon with over 25 years of experience. No-one else comes close to that accolade.

All our work is GUARANTEED for 3 months as is the COLOUR MATCH, you simply can’t go wrong. Just give us call or message us and we can go through any of your queries.

Hair Extensions to Hide a Bad Hair Cut

Added By New Image Hair Extensions Manchester September 2017

We’ve all done it; you’ve gone and got yourself a layered bob or visited a scissor happy hair stylist. Now you’re left with a horror hair emergency that needs a quick fix. We see many ladies who have done exactly that.

Luckily at New Image Hair Extensions Manchester we can help disguise this upsetting situation simply by adding a few cleverly positioned extensions. Below is a lady who came to us because she had caught her brush in the side of her hair. The salon she went to for help just hacked it off instead of trying to untangle and loosen the brush. She was left with almost no side hair at all and wanted to hide this awful misfortune. Within an hour she was happily back to her normal self and relieved she didn’t have to wait what could have taken up to a year or more to grow back. Correction work at New Image is something we see quite often so if you have suffered a bad hair cut or simply can’t wait to have your long flowing locks back then call us and book your free private consultation today.