3 Common Hair Myths and How They Affect Hair Extensions

There are a lot of myths doing the rounds about hair. Some of them seem to have been about for as long as we can remember. These hair myths are commonly believed, and if you have bought into them, you could be wasting a fair amount of your time and even damaging your hair. This information applies to you whether or not you have had hair extensions in our Manchester salon, so if you want to take proper care of your hair, read on!

In this article we’ll take a look at three of the most common myths, as well as the truth about what you should do, and how these things could affect women with hair extensions:

Hair Myth 1: Brushing your hair 100 times per day makes it healthy

We have all heard this one: the idea is that constant brushing will encourage the scalp to produce more oil, and this oil will be distributed evenly through the hair with the extra brush strokes. The point of this oil distribution is apparently to make the hair shinier. Brushing excessively is also thought to stimulate blood flow to the scalp, thus boosting hair growth. However, none of this is true. On the contrary, excessive brushing is more likely to damage your hair by causing breakage. You can also damage the hair cuticles, leading to frizzy, lacklustre hair.

Ladies who come to our Manchester salon for hair extensions have probably already been advised to brush their hair often. We do recommend brushing extensions regularly – don’t get us wrong – but this is for a different reason. Let us take this opportunity to remind you that it must be done with a gentle Tangle Teezer type brush, and you are aiming to separate the extensions so that they sit correctly (as per our installation). Hair extension aftercare is always important!

This doesn’t have to be done 100 times – but we recommend brushing it minimally, a few times per day, just to keep it detangled and neat. For those of you without hair extensions, you need to brush it minimally too. Don’t use stiff bristled brushes either – go for something natural that isn’t harsh on the hair or scalp.

Hair Myth 2: Trimming your hair often makes it grow faster

This is a big one, and a lot of people believe it! But when you think about it, it doesn’t make all that much sense. The ends of your hair are the driest, thinnest parts that are most prone to splitting. Cutting them off makes sense only because it tidies your hair up and means there may be less breakage, but it actually doesn’t have any effect on the hair follicles in the scalp.

The follicles determine the rate and frequency of hair growth, and the ends have nothing to do with this at all. Your hair will grow at the same rate each month regardless of whether you cut it. If you really want to trim the ends, we recommend not trimming them more often than every eight to twelve weeks.

When you come to get hair extensions with us, we generally don’t cut the ends of your hair unless they are in a bad state and you want us to. It actually makes it easier for us to blend the hair when you have thin ends anyway. So before you go ahead and chop the ends off, have a consultation with us first. We want to give you the best hair extensions in Manchester, and not tampering with your hair ends might assist us with that! If you need help growing your hair rather than cutting it, we have some advice in terms of products that help hair growth.

Hair Myth 3: Always using the same shampoo makes it ineffective

No doubt you have heard this before. However, regularly changing up your shampoo won’t make any difference to the effectiveness of any of those shampoos. Whichever one you use (provided it is a decent one) it will clean your hair. We do recommend not using chemical-heavy products though. These can be harsh on your hair or leave silicone build-up on it.

Natural shampoos and moisturizing ones are going to be better, especially if you have hair extension, which tend to be dry out quicker your natural hair. After all, they are not receiving any nutrition from your follicles! If you’re using a quality shampoo and you like it, you don’t need to keep switching brands.

Also, no matter how often you shampoo, your scalp will produce the same amount of oil. This amount is something determined by hormones and genetics. Note that not washing your hair often can irritate the scalp though. Bacteria causes inflammation, so just keep it clean and you’ll be fine.

For those who want to know how to look after your hair extensions, similar rules apply: we recommend not washing your extensions obsessively, as you don’t want to dry them out. We also advise being extra careful with harsh chemical products, as your extensions may not be able to handle the stress.

Check out our tips on washing your hair extensions for more information.

We hope you enjoyed reading – don’t forget to follow our blog for regular advice and insights on looking after your extensions (and your natural hair!). We take pride in offering the best hair extensions in Manchester, so we are committed to helping you maintain them.

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