Care of Your Hair Extensions

Here’s our simple guide to caring for your hair extensions. (if you have any questions call our Manchester hair extension salon, we’ll be happy to help even if you had your hair extension done elsewhere.

  • Using light shampoos
  • Squeeze rather than rub the hair
  • Use less circular motion on the hair when washing
  • Hold the hair while combing
  • Brushing before getting hair wet
  • Always using good conditioners
  • Not dying the hair (as your hair could take differently to the extension)
  • Using warm water rather than really hot water
  • Tangle teezer brushes are the best for keeping the bonds/rings separated
  • Not to use brushes that have bobbles on the end as this will catch the bond/ring

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How to Prepare for Your Hair Extensions Appointment

At New Image hair extension salon in Manchester, we see a lot of women every day with different types and lengths of hair. This is completely normal and we know how to work with every kind of hair type and cut. However, if you haven’t come to us for a hair extension fitting before, there are a few things you should know in advance. By preparing yourself ahead of the appointment you not only make our job easier; you also save yourself salon time.

There are various different elements to take into consideration when preparing to get hair extensions for the first time. Even if you have had them fitted elsewhere before, processes and recommendations may be different, so we advise you to read on anyway. We want to do everything we can to make sure your hair extension fitting goes smoothly.

Below are the main things you’ll need to take into consideration before coming for your hair extension fitting in Manchester:


Be sure your hair is properly washed with the right shampoo  

Unless you have booked in to have us wash and dry your hair before your fitting, you will need to prepare your hair at home. We recommend washing and drying it thoroughly a couple of hours before your appointment, rather than the night before. If you’ve slept on your hair over night it will have had a chance to get greasy again (even to a small degree) – or to tangle. Neither of these make it easy for us to install your extensions – in fact, greasy hair can make the extensions more likely to slip.


The type of shampoo you use is also important. We don’t recommend using silicone-laden high-street products. Instead, use a clarifying shampoo that will strip both products and grease from your hair so that it’s super-clean and malleable when we fit your hair extensions. You may also be interested in our blog on washing your hair extensions.


Don’t use any hair conditioner

We also recommend that you don’t – repeat, don’t – use a hair conditioner on this occasion. This can leave some residue and make your hair soft and slippery, which isn’t ideal when you want to attach a ring or bond to it.

This is also why we always recommend keeping conditioner away from your rings or bonds whenever you wash your hair afterwards. We know you may not be used to going without conditioner, and although it’s possibly an annoying request, it’s important that we can ensure your hair holds the extensions. Otherwise you’ll be back in just to have slipped extensions refitted!


Be sure to dry and straighten your hair properly


If you turn up with wet hair we’re going to have to dry it before we get started, which could eat into your appointment time or extend the time you have to spend with us. That’s probably not going to be convenient for you or for us, so we recommend that you properly dry your hair before you arrive.

Unless your hair is naturally poker straight, we politely request that (if possible) you straighten it before you come for your hair extension appointment at our Manchester salon. However, if you can’t do it, we will be able to do it on arrival – so don’t worry too much. It is easier for us to fit extensions on straight hair because it’s level and provides clarity. Curly or wavy hair needs a bit more navigation to make sure the rows are evenly fitted. We are perfectionists, but we hope you’ll see that as a positive!


Make sure you allow enough time for your appointment

When you first book an appointment with us, we will give you a rough idea how long it’s going to take. We can’t be exact with these kinds of things, since it’s not an exact science and there are unpredictable factors. However, if you have had one of our free consultations, we will have been able to get a good idea of what needs doing and how long it will take.

The more extensions you need, the longer your appointment is going to take, obviously. On average, we can fit hair extensions in as little as 1.5 hours, but it can take up to 3 or more. If you’ve booked in for any of our other services like dying, cutting, washing and blow-drying, you’re going to be with us for longer still.

We recommend that you factor these into the equation as well as travel time to and from the hair extension salon. If you do have any urgent appointments afterwards, do your best to give yourself an hour’s leeway, as we would hate to have to rush your extension fitting!

If you haven’t yet booked in with us but are interested in having hair extensions at our Manchester salon, feel free to get in touch via the free consultation link above. We’ll be happy to talk you through everything you need to know about.

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All You Need To Know About Hair Extension Refits

When our clients come for hair extensions in our Manchester salon, they often have a few questions about hair extension refits. Obviously you can’t just let your natural hair grow and grow without adjusting the extensions, or your extensions are going to get in a tangled mess after a few inches of growth. This means that if you want to keep wearing hair extensions, you’ll have to come in from time to time and have them refitted. There are a few questions we repeatedly get asked about this aspect of hair extension installation, so we decided to enlighten you in this article.


Keep reading for our Q&A on hair extension refits:

Can I re-use the same hair?

Yes, you absolutely can use the same hair. That’s essentially why it’s called a refit – you’re reinstalling the hair we gave you at your first appointment. You won’t be able to use the same hair indefinitely though, because hair extensions are technically dead hair. Since they won’t be receiving nutrients from the scalp the way your natural hair does, they’re going to get tired over time and need replacing.


How long should my hair extensions last?

On average, we would expect your hair to last for between 6 and 12 months. You should get at least one or two refits out of your hair, depending on a couple of factors: a) the quality of the hair you bought, and b) how well you’ve looked your extensions.

Not all hair is of equal quality, and the price of the hair reflects this. We only sell top quality hair at our Manchester hair extension salon, but standard European hair is cheaper than the higher quality Russian Remy hair, so as you can imagine, the Russian hair is going to last longer. It’s normal to get a year or more out of Russian hair extensions.


How often will I need my hair extension refits?

As your own hair grows, the hair extensions will start to move down too. So when the extensions have moved down to around 1.5 inches from your scalp, it’s the ideal time to have them reinstalled. If you leave it much longer than this, the hair they’re attached to may get tangled and (potentially) damaged.

How often you have the hair extensions reinstalled also depends on the type of extensions you have.  For example:

Glue (fusion bond) or tape-in extensions will need to be changed every 4 to 8 weeks

Sew-in extensions will need refitting every 6 to 8 weeks

Micro ring extensions should be refitted at between 3 and 4 months, but if your hair grows particularly fast, it could be necessary after 2 months

We think micro rings are the best extensions for various reasons, and since they refits are needed less often, you’ll probably agree.


Should I take a break between hair extension refits?

No, you don’t need to have any breaks. This is because we always attach your hair extensions to your new hair growth. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a break if you want to, but if you wish to keep wearing extensions all year around, provided you maintain them properly and refit when necessary you won’t have any problems.


Will I lose any hair if I keep having hair extensions refitted?

You’ll always lose hair anyway – this is part of your natural hair shedding cycle and it would happen with or without extensions. Most people lose around 80 to 100 hairs every day, which sounds like a lot – but we’re guessing you never notice it! However, the hair you shed that has extensions attached to it won’t actually drop out, as it’s fixed to the ring. This might make it seem like you’re losing a lot of hair when you see the extensions coming out at your appointment – but don’t worry, it’s normal.

It’s also normal to lose a few extensions over time too, and sometimes this can be down to your natural hair shedding. If you lose any, for the first three months we’ll refit them free of charge for you.


Will it cost a lot to have hair extensions reinstalled?

As you might imagine, it takes us less time to refit hair extensions than it does to carry out the initial appointment. You’re also paying for the hair the first time, so the initial cost will be a lot more than a refit. How much it costs to refit the hair will depend on how many extensions you’ve got and how long it takes to refit them, so we can give you an idea of that once we know those details.

We hope this article has answered your questions about hair extension refits, but if there’s anything you’re still not sure about, feel free to get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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Synthetic Hair Extensions Vs Human Hair Extensions

When it comes to hair extensions, you have quite a lot of options to choose from. No wonder it can be confusing! There are various ways to have them installed, and various types of hair to choose from; human hair from all around the world is used for hair extensions. It’s possible to buy synthetic hair in pre-made extensions, and this is commonly seen in wigs. Some synthetic hair sometimes looks quite real, but there are major differences between synthetic and human hair.

Let’s take a look at what those differences are:


Hair Extension Longevity

Human hair extensions can last a long time provided that proper maintenance is done. If you don’t brush and wash your extensions regularly and with the right tools, the hair won’t go the distance. Since good hair extensions are not cheap, we always give our clients advice on taking the utmost care of their hair. When they do so, top quality hair can last up to a year – meaning that the hair can be reinstalled up to five or six times.

Synthetic hair extensions will probably only last for between one and three months. They aren’t built to go the distance and are less resilient than human hair.


How Extensions Respond To Weather


Genuine human hair extensions need more maintenance than synthetic ones. As it is natural hair, it will respond to the elements just as your own hair would. Since the extensions will be matched closely to your own hair, this is even more likely. If it’s humid or raining outside, you might find that your style is affected.

Synthetic hair has been created a certain way, meaning that it has a kind of memory, or default shape and range of movement. Even if it gets wet, once dry it will be exactly as it was. You might need to brush or wash it from time to time, but that’s about it.  It won’t be affected by the elements in the same way as human hair is.


How Extensions Respond To Styling Tools

Your human hair extensions will respond to heat as your own hair does. That means that yes, it’s OK to use heated styling tools on them. However, we recommend you don’t overuse these if you don’t want your extensions to dry out or split over time.

Although it’s possible to find synthetic hair that can take the heat, most can’t withstand high temperatures and will melt. It should never be introduced to your straighteners or curling tongs. This means that if you want curly hair, you would need to buy pre-curled synthetic hair; there isn’t much versatility in terms of style.


Colour Treating Hair Extensions


It’s totally possible to dye real human hair extensions. However, if you’re going to dye them yourself, you should note that the hair may respond slightly differently to your own hair; it could be more porous and take in more colour, or hold the colour for more (or less) time than your own hair. Harsh chemical dyes may damage it irreparably, especially if you repeatedly dye it; on top of this, it could be that the extensions were dyed already anyway, so they’ve already been subject to one round of chemicals.

If dying hair extensions, it’s important to choose the perfect hair dye colour – and a high quality dye. If you come to our hair extension salon in Manchester, we can blend the hair to match yours exactly, but if your own hair is dyed a non-natural colour, we can dye your extensions for you.

Synthetic hair extensions, on the other hand, generally should not be dyed. If you attempt to colour treat this kind of hair, you’re probably going to make a real mess of it, and there will be nothing you can do to sort it out.


Appearance Of The Hair

Real human hair extensions should look totally natural. There will be pretty big differences in terms of quality, depending on where the hair has come from. For example, Russian Remy hair extensions are the highest quality you can get, so they look incredibly natural. As always, price reflects quality, but we are here to help you choose the right hair extensions for your needs and budget. Human hair, when blended well with your own, will be indistinguishable. It should move the same way as yours too.

It is possible to blend synthetic extensions with your own hair and it may not be obvious to the eye. However, synthetic hair will have a slightly different feel than your own hair, since it is made from fine plastic fibres (basically, low-grade acrylic) that have been heated and then divided into strands to make each hair fibre. As you would expect, synthetic hair is therefore cheaper than human hair.


Synthetic or human hair extensions?

We don’t suppose it will come as a huge surprise to you that we only use human hair at our Manchester hair extension clinic. As far as we are concerned, it looks better, it’s easier to blend, it lasts longer, you can do more with it and it feels nicer. For us, it’s a no-brainer!

If you are interested in getting hair extensions in Manchester, you know where to find us. Consultations are free and our reputation speaks for itself – we guarantee you’re in safe and experienced hands, so give us a call when you’re ready.

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Fancy a New Image in 2020? Here’s a Heads Up from Our Hair Extension Clients

It’s 2020 already… where does the time go? We have been bestowing our clients with beautiful hair extensions for more than 25 years, and we have to say it never gets old. This year we’re looking forward to making even more women feel their absolute best, but we also realise that when you’ve never had hair extensions before, you may feel a little nervous about making a dramatic upgrade.

With this in mind, we thought it would be nice to share some experiences our previous clients have had at our Manchester hair extension salon. Perhaps this will be just the thing to help you feel confident in your decision… and if so, congratulations! Now is as good a time as any to become your most beautiful self, and we’ll be more than happy to make that a reality for you.

Here are some reviews from women who hadn’t been to us before and felt a little nervous, but left feeling on top of the world. These should give you an idea of what to expect from the New Image team:

On blending, colour matching, and aftercare advice


“I came to the salon for extensions, and I was initially apprehensive as I naturally a blunt have bob… it can also sometimes be hard to colour match my hair. Steve and the girls at the salon have completely blown my expectations out of the water. They blended my hair so perfectly, as well as getting the colour spot on. Once my extensions were in, they were cut into a more wearable style and length.

Other places I have gone to would normally leave the blunt extensions as they are. I have received the best aftercare instructions and I’ve been advised on which products to use and how to brush my extensions, which is great as now I know how to make my extensions last longer. I feel like a new person now that my extensions are in and I would 100% recommend anyone to the salon. Don’t go anywhere else because you won’t find better! Thanks so much.”

Louise Rushton


Strong communication, friendly service and an added bonus


“After hearing so many good reviews about this salon I decided to book myself in for hair extensions after having a very bad hair extension experience elsewhere. Steve was absolutely amazing with communication and made me feel confident to come to him for extensions.

After travelling from Shropshire, I can honestly say I was not disappointed from walking in to finishing. The staff were so inviting and friendly, and not to mention the extensions were so thick! They even gave me an extra 10 hair extensions free of charge due to my hair being so thick! Highly recommended.”

KellyMarie Ashcroft


Fast, professional work and helpful advice

“I had an amazing time at New Image! I had a phone consultation straight away and Steve was incredibly enthusiastic, friendly and helpful. I also got colour matched perfectly. On the day, Sam was amazing: mega quick and perfect work! Love, love, love my new hair! Thanks guys. I definitely recommend!”

Beth Jane


Faith restored after a bad hair extension experience

I have to say that these guys are true professionals. I have had several bad experiences with hair extensions before and only one of them was good, but even that didn’t touch what these guys have done. They not only talked me through everything that had been done with the current bodge job, how and why, but they systematically corrected it with amazing results.

It couldn’t look and feel more natural. It’s a 100% improvement on what I had – I can now run my fingers through my hair, brush it without ripping my hair out, and tie it up without pain (and rings showing all over the place). It is totally neat and I had no issues sleeping on it without discomfort, which is a first.

After this experience I wouldn’t go anywhere else. It’s just not worth it, as you’ll be going back for endless corrections and damaging your hair incrementally otherwise. I was shocked when I saw the state of my hair from the previous jobs, but the New Image team have given me confidence that it will be able to grow naturally again now with their extensions in it. They made sure I fully understand how to look after it and have gone the extra mile to make sure I’m fully happy with it… which of course I am. Thanks a million.”

Caroline Knight


Tears of joy and total transformation

“I cannot believe how fantastic my hair extensions are. I am actually crying, I am so chuffed with what a professional job Steve and Chloe have done! I had previously been to one of Manchester’s top hair extension salons and was not happy at all with the end result as the colour match was not right and the hair itself incorrectly placed. I came to Steve as the reviews was excellent and put all my trust in him.

He and Chloe have done a truly fantastic job and I would recommend to anyone who’s had a bad job done before and has lost faith in ever having hair extensions ever again to go and see Steve and his team. I will never ever go to another salon or trust anyone with my hair again except Steve and his team. I love my hair now and what’s even better I have the thinnest finest hair and you can’t even see the extensions! Amazing job! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!”

Maria Stockton


As you can see, at New Image we go all out to make sure our clients are 100% happy with their new hair extensions. We are proud of our work and we want you to be too! Feel free to get in touch for a free hair extension consultation and we’ll be ready to get your new 2020 image underway when you are…

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Hayley Strong

First time having extensions, Gemma matched my hair perfectly and made me feel very comfortable getting them I would definitely recommend this place to anyone. ❤️

Micro Rings or Nano Rings… What’s the Difference?

For those not fully conversant with hair extension methods and equipment, the various different applications may seem a little confusing. You can get hair extensions in the form of fusion bonds, weaves, tape-ins, micro rings and nano rings, but by far the most popular (and convenient) are micro rings.

Micro rings and nano rings are both commonly used for hair extensions, and both are generally made from copper; good ones have a silicone inner to protect your hair. Both also have a similar application method, but there are a couple of important differences worth knowing about before you get hair extensions. There is a reason why we only use micro rings at our Manchester hair extension salon… read on for more information and the differences between micro and nano rings, including why we don’t use both:

The size difference between micro rings and nano rings

Looking at micro rings and nano rings, it’s obvious that they are similar in appearance. The main difference between the two is the size. Nano rings are around 90% smaller in size than micro rings, and are about the same size as a ballpoint pen nib.

Micro ring hair extensions should not be noticeable at all in your hair, if installed correctly. However, some people prefer that the rings are as small and invisible as possible, so they go for nano rings. Both micro rings and nano rings are comfortable to wear. People with exceptionally fine hair might opt for nano rings so that their hair extensions are not noticeable, but here at New Image, we’re adept at installing micro rings in any kind of hair without them being noticeable – after all, that’s our job!

The difference in fitting nano rings versus micro rings…

There is barely any difference at all in the fitting techniques for nano and micro rings. The equipment used to install both types of rings is exactly the same, as follows:

  • Micro rings or nano rings
  • Pulling needle
  • Comb
  • Hair extension pliers

Apart from the ring size, there is a difference is in the hair extension tip. Nano rings can only be used with nano tip extensions, which each have a tiny loop of metal, plastic or acrylic wire inserted into the keratin-reinforced tip – this is what allows them to be fitted with such small rings.

Micro rings are used to install standard stick-tip hair extensions. You can’t use nano rings with these stick tip extensions as they don’t have the wire loop, and you can’t use micro rings with nano tip extensions as they are too large.

Why we use micro rings over nano rings at our Manchester hair extension salon…

So here’s the biggie, and it’s a game changer for us on the hair extension front. We believe that in order to do the best job of hair extension installation, we have to get the colour matching exactly right. Although nano rings are a convenient installation technique, they make it difficult to get an accurate colour match since the hair extensions come pre-bonded and ready for installation.

With micro rings, that isn’t the case. We get to pre-blend the hair to match our clients hair shades exactly, and then we can bond the tips ourselves before attaching the hair extensions with micro rings. We wouldn’t do it any other way, as we know for sure this creates the most natural look possible.

Thinking of getting hair extensions fitted in Manchester?

Come and see us at New Image hair extension salon in Manchester for a free consultation and we will be happy to answer any questions you have. Whatever type of hair you choose, from Russian Remy hair to European hair, and whichever application you prefer… we guarantee you’ll leave us feeling more beautiful than ever!

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4 Common Hair Extension Myths Debunked

Hair extensions are now more popular than ever, which is something we can vouch for as the leading hair extension salon in Manchester. We see women every day who have taken their inspiration from celebrities such as Kate Middleton (so we hear!)… and also from our other customers, we don’t mind admitting!

One thing we’re getting used to is questions from our new clients, and we welcome those. We want to be sure you know what you’re getting into before you make a commitment to having hair extensions. It’s the same as anything that requires maintenance – you’ll need to take proper care of them, so it doesn’t hurt to know as much as you can about these beauty-enhancing wonders!


That’s why we’ve decided to debunk a few of the most common hair extension myths that seem to be doing the rounds. After all, knowledge is power, as they say! Here are four common perceptions on hair extensions, followed by our professional take on the matter:

1. The best hair extensions come from India

No, that’s not strictly true. Although Indian hair is fine and curly (so can look natural) it isn’t so great for hair extensions for a few reasons:

The hair breaks easily

The pigment is very dark and can be damaged by lightening processes

Extension processing in India is generally not high quality compared to other countries

For this reason, we don’t use Indian hair for hair extensions. The same goes for South American hair, which in our experience is lower in quality to hair from other countries – there aren’t many good suppliers either. Our preference is both European and Russian Remy hair, as the quality is much higher and the pigments are lighter so they’re easier to colour, taking dyes better.


2. You shouldn’t chemically treat hair extensions


OK, we all know that dying or bleaching hair reduces the quality somewhat. However, that depends on the quality of the dye and the process used. However, our chemical treatments are gentle and don’t compromise the quality of our hair. It is necessary to dye some hair, as there are some hair colours that are not natural, such as bright reds and purple shades.

Sometimes our clients want extensions to match their regular dyed colour, so we choose hair from a selection of shades and mix them to blend with it. We don’t recommend that you dye your extensions yourself, as you might damage them with poor quality dyes or incorrect processing.



Ladies who are looking for the highest quality hair tend to go for Russian Remy hair extensions, since these are the best in the world. It is very unusual to be able to source light blond Russian hair, which makes natural blonde incredibly expensive when it is available! Russian hair is lightly pigmented, so it can be bleached easily… and since you won’t need to keep on bleaching extensions as you would your own hair, you don’t need to worry about fading or damage.


3. You don’t need much training to install hair extensions

Well, that’s completely untrue. You need a lot of training and experience to do a great job in hair extension installation. We’ve lost count of the number of repair jobs we’ve had to do, but the worst thing is that a lot of women didn’t even know how bad the installation had been – they don’t know what to look for and couldn’t see it up close anyway. Never let amateurs mess with your hair – that’s how you end up with broken, damaged natural hair and bald patches… it’s simply not worth it.


We have decades of experience between us in our Manchester hair extension salon, and it shows. As mentioned above, we are careful to source the best quality hair extensions, so we’re not going to fall at the next hurdle if we can help it! Our installation processes are precise and refined, and we never let anyone leave the salon without a perfect hair extension job. If anything was ever to go wrong after a client has left, we are here to solve the problem.


4. You don’t need much training to remove micro ring hair extensions


Actually, there is some truth to this. We don’t particularly recommend removing them yourself as there’s more chance of damaging your hair. However, it is possible to do so using little pliers to open your micro rings gently and carefully, before slipping the extensions out of the ring.

We do recommend that if you really can’t get to our Manchester hair extension clinic, you get a friend to remove them for you. It’s a little tricky to do at first but with some small pliers and a steady hand, it’s possible. See this micro ring removal video for a demo.

We hope you’ve found this article educational… if so, check our regular blog for many more insights, tips and ideas about hair extensions. Otherwise, pop into our Manchester hair extension clinic or give us a call for a chat!

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Donna Maher

Absolutely amazing experience. Sam was an absolute diamond… Lovely girl and my hair looks and feels amazing!

Hair Extension Statistics and Trends That Might Surprise You

Perhaps in part due to media influence, women of today are very identified with their hair. It is a vital part of one’s look, and relates largely to self-confidence. It is little wonder then that we so many women come through our Manchester hair extension salon doors every day – and all year round.


Our hair changes over time – sometimes quite dramatically. This can be due to hormonal changes, illness, chemical damage or even just ageing. For this reason women turn to hair extensions to replenish or enhance their looks, and this is a trend that has caught on all around the world. The hair extension industry is now booming, and it is interesting to take a look at some of the trends and statistics around hair extensions.


Let’s take a look at the most interesting hair extension statistics:

1. In 2011, more than 16,000 tons of hair products from wool to human hair were exported on order to be made into hair extensions and wigs. The year before, that number was more like 12,000 tons. The supply chain for human hair globally is growing at an eyebrow-raising rate of 40% per year.

2. Every year, the total export value for the hair extension industry amounts to around $1 billion, with imports amounting to about the same.

3. By 2023 (according to Research and Markets), the global industry is predicted to reach a market value of $10 billion.

4. In the United States alone in 2017, the hair extension industry reached revenues of $346 million, with more than 1,000 businesses supplying and fitting the hair products. This equates to around 3,000 employees working in the hair extension industry.


5. According to Final Step Marketing, of all the countries in the world, China is the major exporter of hair for wigs and extensions, having shipped out more than 7,000 tons in 2011. This was valued at more than $56 million. At this time, China also tripled its Indian hair imports to 1.1 kilograms, which was up from only 800 pounds back in 2009.

6. In terms of total value, India is the big hitter. In 2011, India exported around 2,000 tons of hair at a cost of $220 million (again, according to Final Step Marketing).

7. In 2013, HM Revenue and Customs documented over £38m of hair entering the UK, making it the third biggest importer of human hair in the world.

8. Hair extensions in the United Kingdom have tripled in popularity since 2005, whereas in wigs has decreased in this timeframe.

9. 34% of women admit that wearing hair extensions is a regular part of their beauty routine, and 76% of hair extension users say that they chose them because they add value to their image.

10. Women in the UK typically keep their hair extensions in for between 2 and 4 months before having them removed, refitted or replaced – depending on the condition of the hair extensions, which may by then have dried out to some degree. At New Image, we often advise visitors to our Manchester hair extensions salon to choose Russian Hair extensions, which last for a long time due to their superior quality.



11. According to Final Step Marketing, around 90% of the world’s population has dark brown hair. As a result, the hair extension industry tends to receive less naturally blonde hair. Rarity inevitably dictates price.

12. 81% of women are satisfied with the their hair extensions when they first see their reflection after installation, says the National Institutes of Health.

13.  How permanent do women consider their hair extensions to be? In America, 2% consider them so, while 49% will say they’re semi-permanent. 40% think of them as a temporary boost to self-confidence.


The fact is that even when women cannot afford genuine human Remy hair extensions, they will seek out an alternative to enhance their hair. Today’s most popular hair extensions are micro rings, which we install a lot of at our Manchester hair extension clinic. We know we’re the best in town, but if you are wondering whether you should choose us, read more.


It doesn’t have to cost the earth, and we have a range of different hair types and installation methods to suit. We custom match colours to make sure you achieve the perfect look, whatever the hair quality you opt for. We’re here to help, so get in touch to find out what we can do for you.


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Can You Wear Hair Extensions When Having an MRI Scan?

It usually does not occur to women with hair extensions that certain procedures may be negatively impacted by the extensions. One thing we have come across time and time again at New Image hair extension salon in Manchester is problems during MRI scans. We felt it best to warn you, as we would like to save you the trouble of last minute cancellations or delays with important examinations.

The fact is that you are unlikely to be able to have your MRI scan if you’re wearing hair extensions with micro rings; although if you have fusion bonds, you should be fine – those don’t contain metal. Let’s take a look at why it’s important to remove micro or nano ring hair extensions before an MRI scan.

MRI equipment emanates a strong magnetic field


Generally, Doctors find it difficult to image anatomy that has any kind of metallic implant or object in close proximity. You should make sure to inform the nurses or Doctors well ahead of your appointment, in case they do allow you to keep the hair extensions in. However, most are unlikely to allow this, as the MRI emanates a strong magnetic field that may pull the extensions out of your hair.



Even if your micro rings are made of a metal that isn’t attracted to the magnetic field, it is still the case that non-ferromagnetic metals interact with it (this is known as ferromagnetic pull). The rings can cause distortions in the imaging results, rendering your MRI scan inconclusive. They may also become heated, which won’t be comfortable and is possibly even dangerous.

Foreign objects that interference with MRI scans are known as artifacts. In the images they may be confused with some kind of pathology (resulting in misdiagnosis). At the very least, they may reduce the quality of the examination. For these reasons, it is crucial to disclose the fact that you have hair extensions to your health care provider.


What are micro rings made from?


Hair extension micro rings are usually made from a variety of different types of metal, from alloys to copper. The alloys or copper may also contain nickel, and the copper can blend with the nickel to create a metal called cupronickel.


Nano rings, which are just like micro rings but much smaller, tend to be made from copper. The same rules apply to nano ring hair extensions during MRI scans. Since most hair extension rings contain metal of some kind, they will be problematic and may result in your scan being cancelled or disrupted.


Which other metals should be removed or disclosed before an MRI scan?


If you have body piercings, wigs, or weaves, these will need to be removed. It is even possible for your tattoo pigments to interfere with MRI scan quality, so before your scan, be sure to inform your radiologist or Doctor if you have tattoos, and where they are located. Tattoos can get quite warm during a scan too. The same goes for permanent makeup – even eye shadow and coloured contact lenses can be problematic.


Any metal implants in the body, including fillings, braces, dentures or hearing aids should be mentioned. If you’re wearing an IUD (coil), you will also need to disclose this. Take off any metal jewelry or items of clothing containing zips, metal buttons etc. You’re likely to be given a hospital gown anyway.


The exception is that you may be allowed to wear rings made from gold, platinum, silver or any blends of those metals, since they don’t react to the magnetic field. In case you’re wondering, here’s what it is like to have an MRI scan.


Removing your extensions before an MRI scan


We recommend that if you’re having an MRI scan in the near future, you book an appointment to come and see us at our Manchester hair extension salon first. We’ll remove the hair extensions for you, and reinstall them afterwards. We don’t recommend trying to do it yourself, as it can be tricky and you may damage your hair – or the extensions.


However, if you do know what you are doing or have a friend that does, you can remove the hair extensions before your MRI scan yourself – provided you use the correct tools. Small pliers can open the micro or nano rings so that they can be slid off your natural hair. If you do decide to remove your micro rings yourself, make sure you book in with us for a re-installation in advance, as we can get quite busy. We wouldn’t want to keep you waiting!

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Can You Have Hair Extensions After Cancer Treatment?

Here at New Image hair extension salon in Manchester, we see a surprising number of women who have been through cancer treatments. As you are no doubt aware, traditional cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy can leave people with dramatic hair loss, which in turn affects their self-confidence.

It is understandable that women with hair loss want to do all that they can to restore the looks they are accustomed to. However they often have a lot of questions about the plausibility of having hair extensions installed, given that their own hair may be patchy or weakened at best.

We have therefore put together an article answering the most common questions about hair extensions after cancer treatment:


Can I have hair extensions installed at all?


This is the first and most obvious question. The simple answer to this is yes, you can have hair extensions installed provided that you have enough hair regrowth for us to properly attach the extensions to.





However, your hair would need to have grown evenly, and on average we need about five or six inches of hair in order to properly fix extensions in place. The hair needs to be growing from the crown area downwards, and whether we can attach them to your hair also depends on your hair type. For example, if it is very curly, it may be more difficult at such a short length.

If you are looking to grow your own hair back, check out our top tips on the best products for growing your hair. The longer your hair is, the easier (and cheaper) it will be to install hair extensions for you.



Should I consult my Doctor before having hair extensions?


We would advise discussing the possibility of hair extensions with your healthcare provider, yes. Do bear in mind though that your Doctor may not know much about hair extensions and the effect they are likely to have on your hair. They should know whether it is OK for you to dye your hair, and we would prefer that you check this out with them if you’re thinking of having us dye it for you.

If in doubt, we advise steering away from harsh chemicals and sticking with natural, plant-based dyes that are unlikely to place unnecessary strain on your immune system.


Can I have hair extensions if I have alopecia?


There are different types of alopecia, but the term alopecia is generally the name for hair loss. It is a common side effect of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, targeted therapy and bone marrow or stem cell transplants. Alopecia can also be caused by other conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis or type 1 diabetes. Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease that causes your immune system to attack your hair follicles, although the cause is unknown.

In our Manchester hair extension clinic we have seen many women with alopecia. On many occasions we have successfully installed hair extensions for alopecia sufferers, but whether we can or not depends on the severity of the alopecia and the way that it has manifested on the scalp. We can do our best to cover it for you, but we would need to book you in for a free consultation in order to give a definitive answer.


Which types of alopecia are not compatible with hair extensions?




There is one type of alopecia that we can’t work with, unfortunately. That is traction alopecia. Traction alopecia is hair loss caused by a pulling force on the hair. It can happen because you have worn your hair in tight hairstyles such as ponytails, high buns or pigtails too much, for example.


If you have this type of alopecia, we won’t be able to install hair extensions for you. That’s because the weight of the hair extensions could worsen the condition, which is obviously the opposite of the effect you want to achieve. A lot of women have hair extensions installed so that they can allow their own hair to grow back naturally underneath. This can only happen when the hair extensions are properly installed, usually with strategically placed micro rings.


If we feel that the hair extensions are going to be of detriment to your natural hair growth, we won’t be able to install them. The best thing you can do is have a chat with us and together we will work out what is right for you.


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Amazing experience with my hair . I can’t recommend highly enough. Professional staff and they really know what they are doing . I will definitely come back

How to Care for Your Hair Extensions in the Summer

So here it is… finally! The summer is rolling around here in the UK, and all the Manchester ladies with hair extensions will likely be gearing up for showing off their locks in the sun. Certain summer activities do take their toll on our hair though, and the same goes for hair extensions… but don’t worry – caring for your hair extensions throughout the summer is easily done with a little know-how, and that’s what we’re here for.

Your hair extensions will probably be exposed to sun, sweat, salt water, and perhaps chlorine. All these can damage your hair if you’re not careful, so in order to avoid the tangles, we recommend paying a little attention to our top tips. This way you’ll keep your hair extensions in good condition, avoiding troublesome tangles and dried up tendrils.


How to Care for Bonded Extensions in the Summer Heat


Bonded extensions can be a little more susceptible to heat and substance damage, so you’ll need to take a little extra care of those this summer. It’s actually water you’ll need to be most wary of, as bonds can be a little fragile when they get wet.

That doesn’t mean you can’t go swimming, but we recommend that you don’t lie around floating with your hair extensions immersed in water for too long. As soon as you get the chance, dry them off properly, and make sure you also give them a rough dry at every opportunity. The summer air will take care of the rest. Oh, and when we say rough, don’t take that too literally! Be gentle with your bonds to make sure they last.


It can be a good idea to braid your extensions or keep them in a bun while you’re swimming, if you can. Be careful of how you position your bun, as pulling the bonds tight can loosen them. While we’re on the subject, you might be interested in our simple but sexy hair extension styles for the summer too!


Caring for Other Kinds of Hair Extensions During Summer


This applies to micro-rings and any other kinds of extensions. Micro rings tend to be more durable than bonds, but be careful not to get creams or lotions in your hair – especially around the rings. These can cause the rings to loosen or slip, and you’ll find your extensions dropping out. By all means use leave-in conditioners, but just keep them away from the installation points.

Make sure you wash your hands after applying creams or lotions to your body so that you don’t accidentally transfer residue to your micro rings when absent-mindedly messing with your hair. It’s easily done!


Top Tips for Handling all Kinds of Hair Extensions


We always recommend being gentle with your hair, summer or otherwise. That means:


  • Using sulfate-free hair products
  • Brushing your hair regularly (but not harshly) with a Tangle Teezer-type brush
  • Holding the hair below your rings, bonds or tape when brushing it
  • Applying conditioner at least two inches away from your bonds, rings or tape
  • Washing hair gently, even if it’s full of salt and chlorine
  • Shampooing hair no more than three times each week if you can get away with it
  • Applying regular leave-in conditioner to the hair extensions to keep them supple
  • Using detangling products for those post-sea and swimming pool days



As you can see, caring for your hair extensions in the summer isn’t a military operation. It just takes a little mindfulness and dedication to routine in order to preserve your precious extensions. Hair extensions are obviously an investment, so you’ll want to make them go the distance… and since the summer is one of the best times to show them off you will want to make the effort to keep them in tip-top condition to enhance your summer glow.

If you haven’t yet taken the plunge and had hair extensions installed, pop into our Manchester hair extension salon for a free consultation and we’ll have you rocking that sexy summer look in no time at all. We also have lots of products available to help you on your summer hair care mission.


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Amazing customer service! Hair feels and looks amazing 100% recommend!
50 Russian extensions with Chloe 😍

What to Do if You’re Having Problems With Your Hair Extensions

We will start off by saying that it helps to be realistic when it comes to any purchase, beauty treatment or anything else you’re investing in. Nine times out of ten, you’ll be happy with your decision. On the other hand, there are always going to be times when things just don’t work out. We aren’t saying that it’s only you who needs to be realistic, by the way… the same goes for us!

Although we are proud to say we do a great job of installing hair extensions, there might be a time when for somebody (for whatever reason) it just isn’t working out. Perhaps they just weren’t ready for their new look and can’t get comfortable with it. They might just be struggling with looking after their new hair. There could be any number of reasons why somebody feels that their hair extensions just aren’t working out as they imagined, and that’s perfectly alright. It happens.

This article is aimed at giving you a little guidance on what to do if you feel that you’re having problems with your hair extensions.

1. Don’t remove the hair extensions yourself

Of course, if you actually know what you are doing, you can remove them. It is actually possible to use little pliers or the correct hair tools to open micro rings and remove your extensions. However, it is every tricky to do that yourself and you might end up damaging your own hair or the extensions, or even hurting yourself. If you’re going to remove micro rings without our help, ask a friend who knows how to do it.

However, we recommend the first port of call is to always get in touch with us. We are always here to help, so it might be a case of simply popping down to our hair extension salon in Manchester and letting us sort out the problem for you. Who knows, you may not even want to remove them in the end!

2.Don’t go to the hairdressers to fix your hair extension problems

We will always tell you not to go to a hairdresser if you’re having an issue with your hair extensions. It’s not that we have a problem with hairdressers – on the contrary! We are hairdressers. It’s just that normal hairdressers are not trained in cutting and installing hair extensions, so they won’t know how to handle them properly.

They might actually make a mess of them unintentionally, wasting a lot of your money. If you want to cut, trim or realign any of your hair extensions, you should come to us to sort it out, as we are the ones who have installed them in the first place.

3. Use the correct shampoos, conditioners and brushes

We have said this many times before and we always advise people when they first have hair extensions installed in our Manchester salon. However, we know that it is easy to forget what you’re supposed to do to properly maintain your hair extensions. If you have forgotten the protocol or you’re not using the correct hair extension products, there is every chance that you’re going to damage your hair extensions or find them difficult to manage.

Don’t worry – these problems can be easily corrected. Check out our article on hair extension tools and aftercare for a recap.

4. Talk to us

We will tell you this every time: whatever the problem with your hair extensions, just talk to us. We are actually very friendly and helpful, and we want to make sure our customers are happy. Even if that somehow doesn’t happen first time, we can and will correct the problem.

Sometimes people can be a little shy about going back to somewhere and complaining – we know that. But we promise we won’t be offended! We simply ask that you speak to us as respectfully as we speak to you. If you’re not happy, you might not feel like doing that, we know. However, we need to understand what the problem is so we can fix it… so trust us when we say that we will.

5. Remember that we have a three-month guarantee

Lastly, when you come to our Manchester hair extension clinic, we offer you a three-month guarantee. That means if for some reason you lost an extension or two, we’ll reinstall it. It also means that if you’re unhappy with any element of the installation, for the first three months we’ll correct it for free.

After this point, it really depends what the problem is, as we are sure you’ll understand. As we said, we will always go out of our way to help you, so just try us. Customer care means a lot to us, which is why we have such a positive reputation. We want you to remain a happy customer.

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