Fine Hair and Hair Extensions

Many women with fine hair come to New Image Hair Extension Centre wondering if hair extensions are right for them. We all want to be able to experiment with our hair, wearing different styles and lengths. Of course there are the obvious approaches including healthy eating, using less chemicals and heat on the hair along with hair treatments that in time may help the problem. Unfortunately fine hair is normally determined by your genetic makeup so no amount of biotin supplements or vitamins will solve it. At New Image Hair Extension Centre we offer a free private consultation, in this time we can assess your hair and tell you if you are suitable.

In reality depending on how fine how your hair actually is, there is always a solution. The best way is not to go overly long. Most people want volume over length these days. This has many benefits including, making the extensions less detectable, less weight on your own hair and makes hair extensions easier to manage. Many women just want that thicker ponytail or to be able to style and curl the hair. So choosing the correct method and type of extension is key. Of course you could opt for clip in’s but this doesn’t solve the problem of everyday volume. Going to the gym, swimming and many other activities would be a big problem with clip in’s so let’s talk about micro rings and fusion bonds.

 Micro Rings are a very small ring that attaches to your new hair. They are extremely light weight with a silicone lining inside to strengthen and protect the bond. Micro rings come in a variety of colours so we can match your own hair without them showing through. Of course the best method to use would be mixer of both rings and fusion bonds so let’s move on now to bonds.

Bonds have been around for over 30 years, overtaken by the micro ring in the last few due to the fact that rings make tops ups and maintenance a lot easier. We recommend using the bonds at the sides of your hair if you have fine hair, a lot of clients use this method as most ladies have finer hair at the side of the head, this is pretty typical and the bonds make the extensions even more discrete.

Other methods include weaves but we certainly don’t recommend them. Weaves are extremely heavy on your head. They pull constantly on your own natural hair and would most definitely be seen through fine hair. They also have to be tightened every 3-6 weeks and usually only come in one colour. Wearing a weave on fine fragile hair would only make to problem worse.

So to conclude, fine hair needn’t be something to live or put up with. It can be overcome with even just a few cleverly placed extensions to mask in the area most needed. We offer a free private consultation in our Greater Manchester salon; free maintenance check up and 3 month guarantee are also included. Give us a call today, I’ve included before and after pictures of some of our clients who did previously suffer with fine hair hang-ups, you needn’t suffer in silence.

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