How to Care for Your Hair Extensions in the Summer

So here it is… finally! The summer is rolling around here in the UK, and all the Manchester ladies with hair extensions will likely be gearing up for showing off their locks in the sun. Certain summer activities do take their toll on our hair though, and the same goes for hair extensions… but don’t worry – caring for your hair extensions throughout the summer is easily done with a little know-how, and that’s what we’re here for.

Your hair extensions will probably be exposed to sun, sweat, salt water, and perhaps chlorine. All these can damage your hair if you’re not careful, so in order to avoid the tangles, we recommend paying a little attention to our top tips. This way you’ll keep your hair extensions in good condition, avoiding troublesome tangles and dried up tendrils.


How to Care for Bonded Extensions in the Summer Heat


Bonded extensions can be a little more susceptible to heat and substance damage, so you’ll need to take a little extra care of those this summer. It’s actually water you’ll need to be most wary of, as bonds can be a little fragile when they get wet.

That doesn’t mean you can’t go swimming, but we recommend that you don’t lie around floating with your hair extensions immersed in water for too long. As soon as you get the chance, dry them off properly, and make sure you also give them a rough dry at every opportunity. The summer air will take care of the rest. Oh, and when we say rough, don’t take that too literally! Be gentle with your bonds to make sure they last.


It can be a good idea to braid your extensions or keep them in a bun while you’re swimming, if you can. Be careful of how you position your bun, as pulling the bonds tight can loosen them. While we’re on the subject, you might be interested in our simple but sexy hair extension styles for the summer too!


Caring for Other Kinds of Hair Extensions During Summer


This applies to micro-rings and any other kinds of extensions. Micro rings tend to be more durable than bonds, but be careful not to get creams or lotions in your hair – especially around the rings. These can cause the rings to loosen or slip, and you’ll find your extensions dropping out. By all means use leave-in conditioners, but just keep them away from the installation points.

Make sure you wash your hands after applying creams or lotions to your body so that you don’t accidentally transfer residue to your micro rings when absent-mindedly messing with your hair. It’s easily done!


Top Tips for Handling all Kinds of Hair Extensions


We always recommend being gentle with your hair, summer or otherwise. That means:


  • Using sulfate-free hair products
  • Brushing your hair regularly (but not harshly) with a Tangle Teezer-type brush
  • Holding the hair below your rings, bonds or tape when brushing it
  • Applying conditioner at least two inches away from your bonds, rings or tape
  • Washing hair gently, even if it’s full of salt and chlorine
  • Shampooing hair no more than three times each week if you can get away with it
  • Applying regular leave-in conditioner to the hair extensions to keep them supple
  • Using detangling products for those post-sea and swimming pool days



As you can see, caring for your hair extensions in the summer isn’t a military operation. It just takes a little mindfulness and dedication to routine in order to preserve your precious extensions. Hair extensions are obviously an investment, so you’ll want to make them go the distance… and since the summer is one of the best times to show them off you will want to make the effort to keep them in tip-top condition to enhance your summer glow.

If you haven’t yet taken the plunge and had hair extensions installed, pop into our Manchester hair extension salon for a free consultation and we’ll have you rocking that sexy summer look in no time at all. We also have lots of products available to help you on your summer hair care mission.


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