How to Prepare for Your Hair Extensions Appointment

At New Image hair extension salon in Manchester, we see a lot of women every day with different types and lengths of hair. This is completely normal and we know how to work with every kind of hair type and cut. However, if you haven’t come to us for a hair extension fitting before, there are a few things you should know in advance. By preparing yourself ahead of the appointment you not only make our job easier; you also save yourself salon time.

There are various different elements to take into consideration when preparing to get hair extensions for the first time. Even if you have had them fitted elsewhere before, processes and recommendations may be different, so we advise you to read on anyway. We want to do everything we can to make sure your hair extension fitting goes smoothly.

Below are the main things you’ll need to take into consideration before coming for your hair extension fitting in Manchester:


Be sure your hair is properly washed with the right shampoo  

Unless you have booked in to have us wash and dry your hair before your fitting, you will need to prepare your hair at home. We recommend washing and drying it thoroughly a couple of hours before your appointment, rather than the night before. If you’ve slept on your hair over night it will have had a chance to get greasy again (even to a small degree) – or to tangle. Neither of these make it easy for us to install your extensions – in fact, greasy hair can make the extensions more likely to slip.


The type of shampoo you use is also important. We don’t recommend using silicone-laden high-street products. Instead, use a clarifying shampoo that will strip both products and grease from your hair so that it’s super-clean and malleable when we fit your hair extensions. You may also be interested in our blog on washing your hair extensions.


Don’t use any hair conditioner

We also recommend that you don’t – repeat, don’t – use a hair conditioner on this occasion. This can leave some residue and make your hair soft and slippery, which isn’t ideal when you want to attach a ring or bond to it.

This is also why we always recommend keeping conditioner away from your rings or bonds whenever you wash your hair afterwards. We know you may not be used to going without conditioner, and although it’s possibly an annoying request, it’s important that we can ensure your hair holds the extensions. Otherwise you’ll be back in just to have slipped extensions refitted!


Be sure to dry and straighten your hair properly


If you turn up with wet hair we’re going to have to dry it before we get started, which could eat into your appointment time or extend the time you have to spend with us. That’s probably not going to be convenient for you or for us, so we recommend that you properly dry your hair before you arrive.

Unless your hair is naturally poker straight, we politely request that (if possible) you straighten it before you come for your hair extension appointment at our Manchester salon. However, if you can’t do it, we will be able to do it on arrival – so don’t worry too much. It is easier for us to fit extensions on straight hair because it’s level and provides clarity. Curly or wavy hair needs a bit more navigation to make sure the rows are evenly fitted. We are perfectionists, but we hope you’ll see that as a positive!


Make sure you allow enough time for your appointment

When you first book an appointment with us, we will give you a rough idea how long it’s going to take. We can’t be exact with these kinds of things, since it’s not an exact science and there are unpredictable factors. However, if you have had one of our free consultations, we will have been able to get a good idea of what needs doing and how long it will take.

The more extensions you need, the longer your appointment is going to take, obviously. On average, we can fit hair extensions in as little as 1.5 hours, but it can take up to 3 or more. If you’ve booked in for any of our other services like dying, cutting, washing and blow-drying, you’re going to be with us for longer still.

We recommend that you factor these into the equation as well as travel time to and from the hair extension salon. If you do have any urgent appointments afterwards, do your best to give yourself an hour’s leeway, as we would hate to have to rush your extension fitting!

If you haven’t yet booked in with us but are interested in having hair extensions at our Manchester salon, feel free to get in touch via the free consultation link above. We’ll be happy to talk you through everything you need to know about.

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