Micro Ring Hair Extensions

New Image Hair Extension Salon Manchester has been applying the Micro ring hair extension method for the past 8 years. It has proved to be a very popular method of application. It’s a very small ring that attaches to your hair and is clamped down with your new hair extension. The rings we use have a silicone lining inside to strengthen and protect the bond. Our micro ring hair extensions come in a variety of colours so will perfectly blend with your own hair colour. The key to flawless hair extensions is the colour match. The way the hair blends is so important, that is if this is slightly off it’ll give the game away completely. No-one should know you’ve got hair extensions in but you!

Please Note: Many of our clients do have a mixture of BOTH rings and bonds. This service is available after a free private consultation for which no appointment is necessary.

Micro Ring Hair Extensions

Benefits of Micro Ring Hair Extensions

  • The rings come in a range of colours to match your own hair colourand blend inconspicuously and become undetectable.
  • There is virtually no shedding of your new hair. Hair must becompletely dry before brushing or left to dry naturally.
  • Easy to apply and remove. Easy maintenance.
  • Not affected by sea salt or chlorine.
  • Your new hair should last 3 to 4 months but all this depends onthe level of care you provide to your rings and new hair.



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