Micro Rings or Nano Rings… What’s the Difference?

For those not fully conversant with hair extension methods and equipment, the various different applications may seem a little confusing. You can get hair extensions in the form of fusion bonds, weaves, tape-ins, micro rings and nano rings, but by far the most popular (and convenient) are micro rings.

Micro rings and nano rings are both commonly used for hair extensions, and both are generally made from copper; good ones have a silicone inner to protect your hair. Both also have a similar application method, but there are a couple of important differences worth knowing about before you get hair extensions. There is a reason why we only use micro rings at our Manchester hair extension salon… read on for more information and the differences between micro and nano rings, including why we don’t use both:

The size difference between micro rings and nano rings

Looking at micro rings and nano rings, it’s obvious that they are similar in appearance. The main difference between the two is the size. Nano rings are around 90% smaller in size than micro rings, and are about the same size as a ballpoint pen nib.

Micro ring hair extensions should not be noticeable at all in your hair, if installed correctly. However, some people prefer that the rings are as small and invisible as possible, so they go for nano rings. Both micro rings and nano rings are comfortable to wear. People with exceptionally fine hair might opt for nano rings so that their hair extensions are not noticeable, but here at New Image, we’re adept at installing micro rings in any kind of hair without them being noticeable – after all, that’s our job!

The difference in fitting nano rings versus micro rings…

There is barely any difference at all in the fitting techniques for nano and micro rings. The equipment used to install both types of rings is exactly the same, as follows:

  • Micro rings or nano rings
  • Pulling needle
  • Comb
  • Hair extension pliers

Apart from the ring size, there is a difference is in the hair extension tip. Nano rings can only be used with nano tip extensions, which each have a tiny loop of metal, plastic or acrylic wire inserted into the keratin-reinforced tip – this is what allows them to be fitted with such small rings.

Micro rings are used to install standard stick-tip hair extensions. You can’t use nano rings with these stick tip extensions as they don’t have the wire loop, and you can’t use micro rings with nano tip extensions as they are too large.

Why we use micro rings over nano rings at our Manchester hair extension salon…

So here’s the biggie, and it’s a game changer for us on the hair extension front. We believe that in order to do the best job of hair extension installation, we have to get the colour matching exactly right. Although nano rings are a convenient installation technique, they make it difficult to get an accurate colour match since the hair extensions come pre-bonded and ready for installation.

With micro rings, that isn’t the case. We get to pre-blend the hair to match our clients hair shades exactly, and then we can bond the tips ourselves before attaching the hair extensions with micro rings. We wouldn’t do it any other way, as we know for sure this creates the most natural look possible.

Thinking of getting hair extensions fitted in Manchester?

Come and see us at New Image hair extension salon in Manchester for a free consultation and we will be happy to answer any questions you have. Whatever type of hair you choose, from Russian Remy hair to European hair, and whichever application you prefer… we guarantee you’ll leave us feeling more beautiful than ever!

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